Theme 4: A city where creativity creates opportunity – culture generates economic growth, contributes to our City’s liveability and we have a thriving cultural sector. What does this statement mean to you?

by SiteAdmin, about 3 years ago
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Also, how do you see Culture contributing to the Gold Coast’s future prosperity and liveability?

In your response, think about the Gold Coast’s history, where we are now as a City and where we want to be in the future.

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This consultation has concluded.

  • vicki l about 7 years ago
    I saw the Tamworth Country Music festival begin and now it is beyond all imagination. It hit a spot where there was all this talent with nowhere to go, so frameworks for growth were required. There was co-operation with other festivals and organisation to hold major talent searches, for example.
    I see this now on the G Coast. Rabbit and Coccoon is an example of people doing their utmost to grow and showcase their talents, but obviously the people involved need to be economically viable. It needs to grow from the individual artisan to city/global, if the individual wants to go there of course. Perhaps they could liaise with other cities and have combined fairs etc to showcase diversity and support growth. Activity attracts more activity.
    Broad Beach Alliance have done wonders with Blues, Jazz and now Country music. Country music loves Talent Quests and this would bring another dimension and more people who support the entrants etc.
    Technology is already being used in a big way to create opportunities in music,,,,,,,,,maybe better links could be formed through this for other cltural entities.