Theme 2: A place where culture is everyday – we are a creative community surrounded by culture that is local, diverse and accessible. Culture is part of our everyday lives. What does this statement mean to you?

by SiteAdmin, about 3 years ago
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Also, what culture do you participate in, in your everyday experience of the Gold Coast and what other opportunities would you like to see?

In your response, think about Gold Coast’s history, where we are now as a City and where we want to be in the future.

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This consultation has concluded.

  • TC100 about 7 years ago
    In order for culture to be everywhere, people have to have access to developing it. GCCC can't create culture, it has to come from the people, GCCC can facilitate this natural development by giving people places and opportunity to demonstrate and create. In the past, the Gold Coast has been way too focussed on glamour, to the point that most residents of the Gold Coast live, work and play on the fringe. I have been to Surfers 'Paradise' once in 3 years and I don't know anyone who goes there regularly.
    Culture is creativity! Where on the Gold Coast can an artist, craftsperson, entrepreneur start up with an idea and develop it into a business unless they have huge financial resources behind them. There is little to no street shopping on the entire coast and what is here has been used well by locals however, those opportunities are all but gone. The rules around industrial areas are limited in terms of retail space. Everything caters to big business going into shopping centres, those shopping centres are boring and the same Australia wide, occupied by the same chain stores. The rents are and contract make it next to impossible for a small business to take on anymore...that's if the shopping centre would even consider it, which is unlikely as they are looking at advertising budgets.
    Develop areas where small business and artisans can start up, it's interesting, fun, colourful. Small business is key to a fascinating landscape.
  • vicki l about 7 years ago
    My previous comment answered this by saying we build our culture we are not lead by it. When I consider our past, inidgenous people here worked together to provide a safe and supportive place for their families and different language tribes. The timber people and dairy farmers of the hinterland did likewise...the will was there to be co-operative. Personal greed and devisive behaviour had to be put aside.
    Our culture is diverse because all people are individual but come together for the greater good. Music can support writing which supports acting which supports film making which supports design which supports construction etc etc.
    I support theatre, cinema, cultural events, sporting events, indigenous endeavours but first and foremost I support my street.
    The future will be diverse, as the past, but needs to build better support structures for growth through diversity and don't expect governments to do it for us.