Do you have a big idea that Council could consider to take culture to a new level on the Gold Coast?

by SiteAdmin, about 3 years ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

In the spirit of innovative culture on the Gold Coast, you are welcome to be creative and to have fun, when answering this question.

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This consultation has concluded.

  • Rossco4218 about 7 years ago
    The world's tallest & most spectacular water jet, in the ocean, 300m off Surfers Paradise beach is as big an idea as I have ever had. It meets most of the themes being addresses here. Just needs a champion with creative vision, a can do attitude & good old fashioned "guts". Info is available at
  • Micheal43 about 7 years ago
    We need to improve ourselves as a Tourist Destination. Surfers Paradise should be made into a Surfers PARADISE, we should try to make it Surfers No 1 spot to go, maybe create a Surfing walk of fame, like the world famous Hollywood walk of fame, maybe a new set of hand prints for each yearly Surfing world champs (Male and Female) great Media coverage for each event. Support the Surfing Museum maybe support moving it too Surfers. Lets go for it have special surf themed light rail, and buses open topped old surf themed buses. Well thats a start I have quite a few other ideas, but it would need a real commitment to follow through, but if we could improve the Surfers brand name the benefits would be felt across the whole Gold Coast. I am not saying Surfing is or should be the only culture on the Gold Coast ( by the way I have never surfed ) I am just suggesting we need to push what we have that is unique, there is only 1 Surfers Paradise we just have to give people more of a reason to visit lets make us a true Tourist Destination.
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    • vicki l about 7 years ago
      Yes I agree---Tamworth has a Hands of Fame Park, the Roll of Reknown Rocks and a walk through ineractive history area of music.
  • vicki l about 7 years ago
    When the light rail is up and running, we could have a rail fest----people buy a ticket and at selected stops aong the way they partake of a dining experience, a dance experience, a shopping experience, a beach experience, a theatre experience etc. This could be over several days and utilize buses to link up where required. Various tours could be contructed to meet peoples taste...dinner, shopping, art galleries or beach, hinterland, theme parks etc etc etc
    I am looking at doing just this in Melbourne---four days---1 shopping, 1 dining on the tram, 1 free and 1 a walk and historical event, all on one ticket. Lets get this rail happening and make it an integral Gold Coast experience
  • cultivate about 7 years ago
    In order to attract a refined 'culture' the Gold Coast needs to shed this crass, tacky, nouveau riche, wide-boy image it has.


    1. Allow for some of the beaches to have small beach-hut bars/deli/cafe on the beaches (as they do in the Caribbean/Europe). The surf clubs have to much monopoly on the beaches and parades, the council must change this to diversify the culture.

    2. The types of restaurants need to change to include fantastic Street Food, like Europe and Melbourne. Gold Coast, and Australia in general seems to suffer from what the UK suffered from in the 80s: nouveau riche. But the UK quickly shed that.

    3. The 'exclusive' suburbs need to be linked to others i.e. bridges crossing Coomera Waters to Sovereign Island. In fact, this notion that somewhere is 'exclusive' simply means not inclusive. Communities do not connect when there are boundaries.

    4. Public should have access to beaches, including those where restrictions have been made by the locals.

    5. Would be a good idea to continue the coastal walk all the way north and all the way south, with opportunities for small cafes and restaurants to open up (see Europe's strategy).

    6. The Gold Coast, and Australia needs to encourage more multi-nationals, to grow and diversify the country. It feels like UK in the 70s.

    7. The Gold Coast is similar to Florida: a cultural desert, big suburban hell estates, flat, and new money (tacky!). This needs to change.

    8. Make the most of the Tambourine, Lamington, etc. More scope for development there, and more roads.

    9. Include other sports on some of the beeches like volleyball.

    10. Gold Coast needs more world music events.

    11. Access from GC to Brisbane is atrocious. There needs to be another road.

    12. Trains in Australia are the worst in the world. Gold coast should invest in more tram lines by connecting the north of GC to the GC Airport and to other areas.

    13. Get rid of tacky image by not having girls dressed in next to nothing in Surfers Paradise. Encourage a more sophisticated, cultural clientele, but those that like to experience world culture: not just surfing and drinking.

    14. Stop making Noddy cheap bland housing, and get people to be inventive with material and colours.

    15. More history about the Gold Coast and Australia and it's ancestors. Museums of the local wildlife and good scientific explanations of them.

    16. Avoid building awful big shopping malls (you are not America, thank god!) and try to make nice street markets and shopping streets (see Europe, again!).

    17. Encourage locals to grow and supply to local shops.

    18. Waterworld is pathetic when it comes to water parks. Invest some time and money into it.

  • Phil Bradstreet about 7 years ago
    Gold coast and culture

    The gold coast has been for many years the cheap place for young families to vacation. The residents focus is on making others welcome to enjoy our natural and man made wonders.

    Other cities pride themselves in their culture and style. We on the other hand try to adopt everyone else’s.

    In order to create our own culture and style we need to stand out and embrace what is uniquely Gold Coast. We are Australia’s most modern city, we have grown thanks to the thousands of people that have migrated from other parts of the country and other parts of the world. We also welcome others from all around the globe as holiday makers and must therefore be one of the most caring and inclusive city in the country.

    I feel we should create environments that support our community first while welcoming in others from further afield. If you look at the man made wonders in other locations, they are designed for locals but welcome for visitors. The Sydney Harbour Bridge, the opera house, Darling Harbour, Federation Square, the museums and galleries are all designed to provide pride within locals and used to showcase the location to outsiders.

    I believe we need to utalise our gifts of natural beauty and combine that with our modern outlook and our open and caring personality. So here are a few ideas that might be of some interest.

    • Music Precincts,
    Australia has lost its ability to view live music. Band rooms have become pokies area’s and the pub industry that has supported the Australian music industry has reduced its involvement in promoting the cause. The Gold Coast has an opportunity to become the music capital of Australia. With the large amount of conference facilities available on the coast we have the unique ability to provide a range of venues for live music. Other than just festivals we have the ability to provide ongoing live music opportunities right across the year.

    • Museums and Art Galleries.
    To truly show that we have grown up we need a world class cultural centre. Currently our art gallery consists of one room and a hallway, it makes it difficult to showcase our artistic talents in a hallway. Being such a modern city, the Gold Coast should look to the future with a Modern Art Gallery. Traditional galleries are complemented by modern art galleries across the globe, these galleries celebrate all forms of artist mediums from media to sculpture to traditional painting. A museum once again with a modern twist (the power house in Sydney as an example) will provide an example of our interest in the sciences but once again with a modern twist.

    • Utilization of the Beaches.
    We are blessed with some of the worlds best beaches, other locations would be delighted to have these stunning assets in their area. Internationally the beach is a day long event with facilities that assist in making the beach a permanent day out. Beach huts, chair and umbrella hire, restaurants and bars (temporary or permanent) all go to making a day at the beach a special event. I am not suggesting we line every beach with vendors and restaurants but a couple of designed precincts that cater to a wider beach going public would enhance the experience for so many and provide a use for the beaches after dark. In Europe hotels own parts of the beach and use it to showcase their style and offering. I remember in Mexico eating dinner by flare light with the sand between my toes and looking over the ocean was one on my most memorable experiences.

    • A world class venue to make the world sit up and pay attention.
    The Middle East is doing this very well. Dubai once it realized it was running out of oil spent millions on one off biggest, highest quality, most expensive experiences in order to excite visitors to stay rather than pass through on the way to and from Europe.

    I am not suggesting that we take things to the level of Dubai but there are lessons we can learn. By providing out of the normal experiences Dubai has created a tourism destination out of a deserted piece of coastline.

    So thinking along this line, what could the Gold Coast could tap into to create yet another world recognized venue. My thought is to look at the multicultural aspects of Australia and the Gold Coastal Community. For example A food and dinning precinct that in captures all the wonders of the world of food. We could take it all the way; shape the environment into a map of the world with canals making up the ocean areas and venues themed to countries based on their position in the precinct. Imagine walking around the American island enjoying sports on the big screen, eating hot dogs drinking a Budweiser. Then over a bridge to Europe and dining on French cuisine or enjoying wines or beers from Germany. Then further on to the Asian area for dinner with choices of Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese or Thai.

    I have travelled the world an enjoyed china town in many countries. How fantastic would a venue be with a China town, Italy town, England Town etc… all in one venue.

    I hope some of these ideas have generated some interest and possibly some discussion.

    Kind regards
  • creativeindustriesgc about 7 years ago
    A large annual creative conference held at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre that also feeds off to smaller festivals on the Gold Coast. The conference should include creative business, technology, design, arts, performance and music. It should bring entrepreneur's together from all areas of business, cultural and technology to hold forum, discussions, presentations, networking events, exhibitions. The opportunities and amazing experiences that would be born from a conference of this size would be valuable not just for the attendees but also for the Gold Coast as a new cultural creative hub. It needs to be introduced in 2014 so it will be thriving by 2018 when we can showcase it and the Gold Coast to the World.