Lodgement of well made applications to ensure the pre-assessment process results in a properly made tick

15 Dec 2016

As we prepare for a busy 2017 and in order to help applicants progress through the DA process with ease, we would like to remind you that each application needs to be lodged with the mandatory supporting information.

It is important to ensure that the application is on the approved IDAS form/s, has owner’s consent, and the appropriate fee for administering the application is allocated. Correct IDAS forms and supporting information enables the pre-assessment process to be undertaken without delay, resulting in applications being deemed properly made and progressing to the next IDAS stage of the development assessment process.

However, if your application fails to satisfy any of the requirements under Section 260 of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 (SPA), and is lodged with any of the following, it will result in a 'Not Properly Made Notice' being issued to the applicant under Section 266.

    1. additional applications forms not required for the proposed application,

    2. relevant boxes not ticked or too many ticked on the application forms,

    3. a cover page being copied from previous applications therefore misleading as the information pertains to a different application,

    4. insufficient site information, inadequate information to pre-assess the application,

    5. incorrect fees or no break-down of fees or no attempt to calculate our fees and charges, and

    6. no owners consent or consent requirements as per SPA.

The 'Not Properly Made Notice' then stalls the pre-assessment process as the applicant must take the action as mentioned in the notice within 20 business days. If the required action is not undertaken within the prescribed period, the application will lapse in accordance with Section 266(3) of SPA.

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