4. Do you need information or assistance on how pests could be managed on your property and information about who to contact with a pest issue?

by Community Engagement Officer 1, about 3 years ago
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  • TinaPa about 7 years ago
    I have phoned the GCCC several times requesting someone to spray or remove the devils fig growing along a creek at the end of my road. It is impossible for me to eradicate the weed on my property as the seeds fall into the creek and spreed along the banks right along the banks. I have no idea who else to contact that may want to try and help stop the spreed of this horrible weed.

    I am also concerned about the closure of our transfer station in Maudsland as I fear that this will lead to the accumulation of waste. The fox, cat and wild dog problem in our area will no doubt increase. For example I accidentally forgot that I had thrown a small bag of smelly garbage out of my car at the top of my very long driveway the other day, as I would not have passed the Maudsland transfer station that day (a 5-10 minute long trip out of my way). In the morning there was garbage littered everywhere, the foxes had feasted. It concerns me that if I have to drive 40-60 minutes for a round trip to drop a bag of garbage off, I will either have to resort to burning it or waiting until I accumulate enough garbage to make the round trip worth the drive/time/fuel! This will no doubt encourage vermin.
    Who do I contact besides The City Council that have no insight into the problems that we in the Hinterland face everyday? They are primarily concerned with the needs of people that already have curbside collection. Perhaps if GCCC did a more regular large item collection then our rural transfer bins would not be full of fridges, stoves and renovation waste. Perhaps if residence that do not have the luxury of curbside collection because of the danger involved with narrow blind bend roads & the inability for garbage trucks to access roads, were given a pass to drop their waste off, then the transfer bins would not fill so rapidly with items that the residence of communities that have sprung up overnight are too lazy to take to the big dumps at Molendinar. If they had to pay to dump at the close and convenient transfer stations because they did not possess a pass issued with paid rates, they would make the effort to drive a little further to dump their large items. My Question is who do you contact that is willing to listen to the legitimate concerns of rural GC residence?