5. Do you have any other comments about the Pest Management Plan?

by Community Engagement Officer 1, about 3 years ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.
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This consultation has concluded. Information about the consultation, forum comments and related documents are retained for your reference.

  • DGW Environmental about 7 years ago
    The pest management plan needs to capture the involvement of the Department of Transport and Main Roads as they are the largest land manager in the State, so integration with their plan would benefit the Coast.

    The plan should include Council commitments in funding allocation over the plan duration, so that the commitments are fully costed and the residents can see what is being achieved and what are aspirational goals rather than actual funded tasks.
  • TinaPa about 7 years ago
    I am concerned that the closure of our transfer station in Maudsland, will also lead to the accumulation of waste and encourage the pests that the GCCC seem very concerned about. The GCCC have (wasted or) invested large amounts of our money having, page-y reports and studies drawn up about how to manage the terrible pest problem! The fox, cat and wild dog problem in the Hinterland does pose a risk and will no doubt increase without transfer stations. The GCCC is proposing that rural residence should drive 40-60 minutes in a round trip to dispose of a bag of garbage. It concerns me that if I have to drive 40-60 minutes for a round trip to drop a bag of garbage off, I will either have to resort to burning it or waiting until I accumulate enough garbage to make the round trip worth the drive/time/fuel! This will no doubt encourage vermin.