2. Do you agree with the management categories for dealing with pests/bio security as part of the plan, and do you have any other suggested priorities?

by Community Engagement Officer 1, about 3 years ago
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TheĀ five management categories in the Plan are:

PREVENTION - The objective for this management category is the prevention and early detection of the establishment of new pest species in the City of Gold Coast.

ERADICATION - The objective for this category is the eradication of the identified pest species.

REDUCTION - The objective for this category is to reduce the impact of pest species identified and prevent them from spreading further throughout the City of Gold Coast.

MITIGATION - The objective for the category of Mitigation is to protect key environmental, infrastructure and agricultural assets from the impacts of pest species.

ENVIRONMENTAL PEST MANAGEMENT - The overall objective for this category is to increase the community awareness of environmental pests within the City of Gold Coast.

Pests are then prioritised under each of the management categories as:

  • Critical - Management must be undertaken
  • High - Pest is a High priority for control
  • Medium - Pest is a Medium priority for control, and
  • Low - Pest is a Low priority for control
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  • RobertLa over 7 years ago
    I suppose categories are necessary but in practice all incidents should be dealt with as they occur. If I report a low category pest I hope it would not be put at the bottom of the pile and never get looked at while higher risk pests get reported. Or does it mean that if funding is tight only the highest categories of pest will have any hope of receiving attention?
  • DGW Environmental about 7 years ago
    The categories are relevant and pragmatic. With limited budgets, and increasing pest invasions, the ability to allocate an appropriate response is the most effective way to spend limited funds. I would amend reduction to include containment, and over time reduction, as if we don't effectively contain in limited locations, the realistic chances of reduction are gone.