5) Do you have any additional comments about the Draft Ocean Beaches Strategy?

by Community Engagement Officer 1, about 3 years ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.
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This consultation has concluded. Information about the consultation, forum comments and related documents are retained for your reference.

  • NormandJudy over 7 years ago
    When the beaches are eroded as they are now, Council should begin to put an attractive rock wall in place that would be covered by sand most of the time but would stop the erosion during periods of storms and high tides.
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  • GeorgeSt over 7 years ago
    I continue to add comment to all projects like this but the big picture seems to eacape the GCCC. We need one ioconic structure which is recognized world wide and which is a must photograph for any visitor...Sydney has its opera house, Dubai its Burge. OK it aint easy, Melbourne spent a billion dollars on a heap of junk and ended up with Federation square. The seaway plan is like any other, the new Arts centre is a yawn by what I have seen of it, the new logo does not rally set the world on fire, Q1 has been copied in Dubai and called the D1 is it? Why not something crazy like a building in the shape of a surfboard on its end, on the dunes, that might be be compelling to photograph.
    Yes the Coast has great surf and breaks dependent on the whims of wind and weather, we can't do much about that but we could put in an iconic structure that everyone may not like but would define the Gold Coast world wide.
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    • Exec Coord Assets and Planning over 7 years ago
      More information about the Broadwater Marine Project is available from the website at

      More information about the Gold Coast Cultural Precinct is available from the website at
    • Rossco4218 over 7 years ago
      Hi George St. Check theicongeyser.com and you will find a project which has the very iconic potential you suggest.
      Yes, its big, bold, costly and difficult but we are placing structures into the ocean all the time, all over the world.
      Council should examine this proposal properly.
      Council commonly puts such proposals straight into their enormous "too hard bin", rather than saying, "that may have potential, lets check it out and see how we can make it work".
  • HelenSt over 7 years ago
    I'm adding this here because I forgot to mention it in the survey.
    We highly value local beaches for people to use with their pets.
    It's great to have a stretch of beach allocated for dog walking and would like to see this facility continued and/or expanded to a few more sections of beach where people can play with their dogs.
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  • Ingsy over 7 years ago
    Forgot to mention...
    re vendors....soo many times, when we've gone to the beach and people start cooking sausages, steak and onions...it makes your mouth water...why dont the council allow charity vendors to have stands on the beach..like they do outside Bunnings stores, to sell - sausages, steak sandwiches etc...a great way to raise money for charity, and great way for beachgoers to get a great meal etc...same type of portable setup outside Bunnings could be used...also they could perhaps sell, hot pies and sausage rolls...with solar technology etc..there should be a way etc..also cold drinks...
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  • beaches over 7 years ago
    The proposed cruise terminal must be stopped. Harrass your local councillors and your State Government minister relentlessly to stop this abominable project from ever going ahead. Wrecked beaches, pollution, fish kills, dredging and loss of ratepayers recreational land are going to be the only outcomes of this proposed disaster. You only have to see what happened in Gladstone for a look of the future without sea life.
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  • kennyo over 7 years ago
    Council needs to prioritize the finalization of a continuous seawall along the entire length of the coast and nurture a healthy dune system in front of and on top of that seawall.
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  • Rossco4218 over 7 years ago
    The Icon Geyser project addresses many of the aspects of the Ocean Beaches Strategy and it is still an active proposal to place a giant waterjet into the ocean, adjacent to Surfers Paradise.
    Full information is available on the website, www.theicongeyser.com where many of the questions commonly posed are addressed.
    This project would provide the sort of iconic project needed to feature Surfers Paradise particularly, internationally.
    Surfers Paradise is a business disaster area and the waterjet would help address this, bringing tourists and locals to the area, throughout the day, every day.
    The project needs a profesional analysis of the cost/benefits and the income possibilities from merchandising, licencing, sale of naming rights and laser advertising during the evening laser show on the water cloud.
    Funding the studies necessary for such a project is beyond my resources and should be done at Government level.
    Any questions, please check the website first then contact me directly if needed.