4) Do you agree that joint stewardship of the city's ocean beaches is important and something Council should work towards delivering?

by Community Engagement Officer 1, about 3 years ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.
Proposed actions to deliver this include:
  • Assume a leadership role and actively participate in regional and national coastal management organisations and peak bodies.
  • Establish forums and mechanisms to enable other levels of government and key stakeholder groups to be invested in coastal management on the Gold Coast.
  • Form partnerships to further research the environmental, social and economic values of the city’s ocean beaches.
  • Consolidate research and information on ocean beach-related issues across our region.
  • Work with individuals and public and private sector organisations to promote the city’s ocean beaches
  • Support and promote the coastal community education program
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This consultation has concluded. Information about the consultation, forum comments and related documents are retained for your reference.

  • bindisi over 7 years ago
    It is important that GCCC representatives on any committee or forum do not have their own agendas. The present case being investigated by the CMC regarding the supply of false information to DERM is, if proven, a case of the true views not being put forward and facts being distorted for private and/or personal gain/reasons.
    GCCC should advise ratepayers how they intend to guard against this in future
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