Koala health: it’s koala breeding season and koalas are on the move!

19 October, 2017

We are right in the middle of koala breeding season at the moment and koalas are on the move!

As young disperse from their mothers and males go in search of mates we see koalas entering people’s back yards, crossing roads and getting caught in dangerous situations. Unfortunately during this time of year we see a big spike in the number of koalas requiring rescue or being admitted to the wildlife hospital.

If you see a koala in the following situation, call Wildcare Australia on 07 5527 2444 and they may need to come and rescue the animal:

  • The koala is trapped in a backyard where the resident or neighbours have dogs

  • The koala is in a position close to roads where they may be struck by a vehicle

  • The koala is sitting low down in the same tree for numerous days without moving or is sleeping or spending time motionless on the ground

  • The koala has conjunctivitis in one or both eyes, this is a symptom of Chlamydial infection

  • The koala has a wet or rusty coloured rump, this is a symptom of Chlamydial infection

  • The koala has brown matted or patchy fur, blood patches, missing fur and/or bite wounds

If you would like to know more about what the city is doing for koala conservation, why not head online and download the new KoalaConservation Plan for the city.

All images were provided by the community while reporting their koala sightings through our online form at www.gchaveyoursay.com.au/koalas

To end on a positive note, if you see a koala looking as cute as this one, let it be a reminder of how lucky we are to share the Gold Coast with such an amazing animal and how we all need to work together to protect them!

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