Koala breeding season has begun!

about 1 year ago

July marks the beginning of the koala breeding season, when koalas increase their movements across the city. Young koalas are dispersing from their mothers and adults are in search of a mate. This means we all need to be extra vigilant in our koala conservation efforts, as the risk of a koala coming across our path – or our pet’s path – increases.

  • Make sure you drive carefully in bushland areas, especially between dusk and dawn when koalas are most active.
  • Pay attention to koala road signs – these are intentionally placed in areas where koalas are known to cross the road.
  • Be a responsible pet owner by making sure your pets are contained to your property, tied up, enclosed, or indoors at night, and kept under control when walking in public.

Please encourage friends and family to report all koala sightings at gchaveyoursay.com.au/koalas or by calling 1300 GOLD COAST (1300 465 326). Immediately report a koala that is sick, injured or in danger to Wildcare Australia Inc. by calling 07 5527 2444.

Sighting reports provide us with valuable information about koala distribution and habitat and help our conservation planning. Records are also valuable in helping City of Gold Coast officers to understand koala locations, their ongoing threats and provide information on health, age and reproductive status. The information collected is also used to help interpret trends in population numbers, koala rescues and hospital admissions.

We hope you see plenty of safe and healthy koalas this breeding season and we look forward to seeing your photos and videos of them!

The Currumbin Wildlife Hospital experiences an increase in koala admissions throughout the breeding season.

- cover photo courtesy of Helen Evens, Mudgeeraba – September 2018

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