Update to pre-lodgement process

We have updated our pre-lodgement process as follows:

Pre-lodgement meeting service

The pre-lodgement meeting has been changed to pre-lodgement advice.

The pre-lodgement advice service is about providing specific advice for a development proposal. Depending on the complexity of the development proposal and the matter for which advice is sought, the City may give pre-lodgement advice as a written response, or as part of a pre-lodgement meeting. City officers will determine if a written response is enough or if a pre-lodgement meeting is required.

Pre-lodgement form

In line with re-naming the pre-lodgement process, the pre-lodgement request form is now titled ‘Pre-lodgement advice request’. The contents of this form has also been reviewed and updated.

It is requested all pre-lodgement requests use the new Pre-lodgement advice form

Pre-lodgement meeting minutes

The pre-lodgement meeting minutes template has been reviewed and updated. In line with current practice, minutes will still be ‘live’ and agreed to by all stakeholders at the meeting. You will also still receive a copy of the minutes shortly after the meeting.

At this stage, pre-lodgement meetings will be conducted by teleconference, video or face-to-face meetings. You will be advised of the appropriate discussion approach prior to the meeting. All measures have been implemented to protect the health and well-bring of our staff, customers and community.

Technical pre-lodgement meeting officer

For those of you who regularly use this service, you will be familiar with Amanda Antcliff, our dedicated technical pre-lodgement meeting officer. Amanda will shortly be taking maternity leave and we wish her all the best. We would like to introduce Jillian Rutherford who will be replacing Amanda. Jillian can be contacted on the same telephone number (07 55828 956) and email prelodgementadvice@goldcoast.qld.gov.au

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