Replacement of water and sewer assets fronting development sites

In circumstances where it is reasonable to do so, the City will be applying conditions on development applications (Reconfiguring a lot and material change of use) to replace existing water and reline existing sewer assets if asbestos cement, vitrified clay, or other inappropriate materials are located within the frontage of development sites.

This new requirement will generally apply to:

  • reconfiguring of lot applications for 10 or more lots
  • material change of use applications for 10 or more dwellings
  • commercial and industrial developments.

This may also apply to developments where a moderate amount of verge and road work is already required around existing water and sewer assets. Works to replace existing water and reline existing sewerage infrastructure will need to be completed prior to any building or operational works commencing on the site. Water and sewerage connections can be installed as part of replacement/relining works.

These new conditions are designed to ensure replacement of water and sewer assets is undertaken before building works commence to reduce the number of broken mains. Adhering to these new conditions is recognised as critical in maintaining the longevity of our infrastructure network for years to come.

Building over or near water and sewer infrastructure

Developers should familiarise themselves with these requirements when building over or near the City’s infrastructure as additional applications may apply to aspects of their proposed development. Refer to Council’s building over sewer guidelines ( to help customers better understand the process relating to building near or over sewerage infrastructure.

The City has identified numerous developments that have not taken into consideration the triggered referral for assessment against the Queensland Development Code (QDC) MP1.4 when building over or near water and sewer infrastructure. Building certifiers should note that the QDC MP1.4 applies to water and sewer assets on a subject lot, on an adjacent lot, and in the road reserve.

The City will be following up with certifiers where this referral appears to have been missed. It will be the responsibility of the certifier to rectify the missed referral and ensure all works are completed in accordance with referral conditions.

Building certifiers please note, ROL, MCU and OPW approvals do not replace the requirement to refer a building application to the City for assessment where building over or near infrastructure. This referral is triggered by the Planning Regulation 2017 and is associated with a building works application. Where a building works application triggers assessment against the QDC MP1.4 and does not comply with the Acceptable Solutions, the building application must be referred to Council for assessment.

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