City Plan Version 4

27 Jun 2017

On 17 May 2017, Council resolved to adopt Minor & Administrative Update 3 and the Planning Act Alignment update, as amendments to the City Plan.

What does this mean?

City Plan Version 4 will commence on 3 July 2017, incorporating the above updates, and supersedes City Plan Version 3.

What do you need to know?

City Plan Version 4 and the content of each update package will be accessible via the City Plan internet page on 3 July 2017.

To assist applicants with the preparation of applications City Plan Version 4 code templates are now available to download here.

The interactive mapping website will be updated to show Version 4 content on 3 July 2017 (if the latest version is not visible, you may need to ‘hard refresh’ by pressing Ctrl + F5). Versions 1, 2 and 3 will also be available.

Dekho will also be updated to include Version 4. Version 3 and 2003 Planning Scheme layers will remain. However, due to technical limitations, Version 2 mapping layers will be removed.

Notable changes

Minor & Administrative Update 3 has resulted in over 160 changes, 92 of which were made based on feedback received through ‘Improve our City Plan’.

Planning Act Alignment update aligns the City Plan terminology with the Planning Act 2016, and changes have been made to facilitate bounded assessment.

City Plan – Terminology

Update terminology throughout the whole scheme to align with Planning Act 2016 terminology.


Strengthen and clarify codes to prepare for bounded assessment by incorporating relevant strategic framework objectives and aligning provisions within codes.

City Plan – Structure

Amend structure to remove duplication of state codes and prescribed development and instead include references to the Planning Regulation 2017.

Declared malls – Part 1.6

List declared malls within the City, consistent with the statutory requirement under the Local Government Regulation 2009.

Specialist centres – Part 3.4.3

Clarify that not all land within the Innovation zone is to be considered as a Specialist centre.

Emerging community zone –Table 5.5.15 and 6.2.15

Updates to references for the ‘Guragunbah development area’ (Broadlakes) in the Tables of assessment and Emerging community zone code.

This was regulated by State Planning Regulatory Provisions, but will be dealt with under the Planning Regulation 2017.

Operational work - infrastructure –Table 5.8.2

Changes to remove ‘off-street parking’ as being assessable as operational work - infrastructure.

Centre zone code – Part 6.2.4

Updated to include content from the strategic framework including the centre descriptions and the hierarchy of centres map.

Light rail urban renewal area overlay code – Part 8.2.12

Code strengthened to facilitate bounded code assessment. Incorporated relevant strategic framework objectives.

Heritage colours in the Mudgeeraba Village – Part 8.2.13

Clarification of suitable heritage colours for walls and trims in the Mudgeeraba Village character overlay code.

Community residence code – Part 9.3.5

Include a new use code for Community residences. This replaces the previous Statewide code.

Under the Planning Act 2016, the use is accepted (exempt) if requirements in the Regulation are met, or otherwise assessable against the City Plan.

Forestry for wood production code – Part 9.3.9

Include a new use code for Forestry for wood production, which replaces the previous Statewide code, to apply where the Planning Regulation 2017 requirements are not met.

Transport code – Part 9.4.13

Updated to include content from the strategic framework including the Coomera Town Centre indicative access and mobility map.

Landscape work definition –Schedule 1

Addition of a ‘landscape work’ to administrative definitions to clarify the type of work that the City Plan is intending to regulate.

Neighbourhood centre definition – Schedule 1

Updated the ‘neighbourhood centre’ administrative definition to align with the strategic framework.

Mapping updatesSchedule 2

Updates to mapping using a newer cadastre (new properties and boundaries).

Updates to zoning to reflect enacted development approvals.

Inclusion of more recent State Planning Policy mapping (bushfire, airport facilities, State controlled roads and Transport Noise Corridors).

Light rail urban renewal area overlay – Schedule 2.6

Updated to include content from the strategic framework map 3 – Light rail urban renewal area.

Ecological assessments –Schedule 6.7

Updates to City Plan policy – Ecological site assessments in relation to terminology, to align with updated listings of national and state significant species and identify all city wide significant species.

Environmental offsets –Schedule 6.8

Updates to City Plan policy - Environmental offsets to provide further guidelines for calculating Environmental offsets and allowing for fairer costs for smaller scale impacts.

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