Plan Sealing application requirements are changing

27 Jun 2017

The Planning Regulation 2017 Schedule 18 changes the application process for approval of a plan of subdivision (plan sealing). Council has been reviewing the new application and decision requirements to bring our plan of subdivision assessment process (plan sealing) and documents in line with the new requirements

Schedule 18 of the Planning Regulation sets out application, assessment and decision requirements for approving plans of subdivision. Like other application processes, applicants will be required to front load their applications to ensure they meet all relevant approval requirements. New Council application forms will acknowledge the completion of all previous development permit obligations, prior to lodgement of the plan of subdivision with Council. This step is designed to help ensure that all material is lodged with Council at the necessary time.

A separate communication will be released on Monday 3 July detailing the changes and providing information on how the City will transition to the new requirements.

Council will be allowing a transition period where the current Council plan sealing application kit forms will be accepted for the first two weeks of July.

A workshop will also be arranged inviting applicants to provide feedback on the new process requirements following an initial ‘go live’ period.

New forms and associated documents will be available on the website from 3 July 2017. Feedback and/or queries regarding Council’s new process and documentation are encouraged via

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