Building near or over sewerage infrastructure

We have completed a guideline to help customers better understand the process relating to building near or over sewerage infrastructure. This guideline explains how to achieve compliance with the Performance Requirements listed in the Queensland Development Code Mandatory Part 1.4 (QDC MP1.4) including what we consider to be the minimum dimensions for construction near sewerage assets, and what information is required when lodging a Referral Agency Assessment for this work.

The current Build Over Sewer (BOS) form which is submitted directly to us for review is being discontinued. All applications requiring referral in accordance with the QDC MP1.4 will need to be referred through the Referral Agency Assessment process in accordance with the Planning Act 2016. Where proposed building works comply with the QDC MP1.4 Acceptable Solutions but are located within a sewerage easement, a new process called Build Over Sewer Easement (BOSE) has been created to provide consent for these works to occur. This process is outlined in the new guideline and form located on our website at

Iplex Pipelines Products:

Iplex Pipelines water and sewerage products will be back on the Civil Infrastructure Products and Materials (IPAM) list when it is next published in August 2020. Until then, all previously approved Iplex Pipelines products will be accepted by us for construction of water and sewerage assets on the Gold Coast.

Resources for working near water and sewerage infrastructure:

Information about Water and Waste on the Gold Coast:

To speak with us directly on this matter, please contact Water and Waste on (07) 5582 8313.

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