Accreditation for low-risk water and sewer connections

From 1 September 2021, City of Gold Coast will require contractors performing low-risk water and sewer connection works to be accredited. This change will affect all contractors who currently or would like to undertake this type of works on water and sewer assets.

Why the change?

The current process requires applicants to submit an application for assessment to the City for approval before carrying out live works. The current process can take up to 20 days and, in some instances, multiple information requests before an approval can be given.

It was also identified that in some instances, persons who are responsible for carrying out the works in accordance with the conditions set out in the Decision Notice, do not understand the conditions or are not aware of the conditions and work is commenced without the required approvals.

Waste and Water identified that this process could be streamlined by implementing an accreditation system, whereby contractors are pre-qualified by the City to undertake low-risk water and sewer works.

Changing the current process will address the uncontrolled risks such as construction delays which incurs additional cost to developers and homeowners.

The proposed change will;

  • provide greater control of the time and cost associated with connections approvals
  • create accountability of all parties
  • reward accredited members for good performance and
  • create operational efficiencies.

Timing of the change

Any connection application for low-risk connection works lodged on or after 1 September 2021 must be lodged by an accredited contractor.

Further information can be provided to you at your next project pre-start meeting. If you have any queries please contact Executive Coordinator Development Services, Mark Johnson on 07 5582 8939 or Roman Thomas Coordinator Development Services on 07 5582 8313.

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