New Resource: Vehicle crossover approvals

If you intend to construct a new vehicle crossing from a City-controlled road or modify an existing vehicle crossing where the road is a City-controlled road, approval by City of Gold Coast (City) is required.

A vehicle crossing can either be a standard or non-standard. The correct vehicle crossing approval must be in place prior to the commencement of building works.

Standard vehicle crossings are accepted development subject to requirements under the City Plan. These vehicle crossings meet the standard design requirements (such as width, grade and separation) specified in the City Plan. Standard vehicle crossings do not require a development permit under the City Plan, but do need a local law licence approval from the City.

A vehicle crossing which does not meet the standard requirements as outlined in Table 9.4.2-2 of the City Plan is a non-standard vehicle crossing. A non-standard vehicle crossing is assessable development under the City Plan.

Please refer to the Vehicle Crossover Approvals Factsheet, which provides applicants and residents with guidance to ensure they have the correct vehicle crossing approval in place.

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