New approach towards accepting Stormwater Proprietary Devices

In 2019, Stormwater Australia published the Stormwater Quality Improvement Device Evaluation Process (SQIDEP). This national protocol is an industry-formulated, independent evaluation process for verifying performance of stormwater proprietary devices (SPD).

With the national protocol in place, and an overarching need to ensure consistency, the City of Gold Coast’s guideline on the performance evaluation of SPDs has been retired.

Any new device to be accepted by the City will now require Stormwater Australia’s endorsement based on the SQIDEP.

With regards to the SPD’s that have previously been evaluated based on the City’s protocol, it is proposed to uphold this accreditation for two years from 1 July 2020, thereby giving enough time to obtain the required certification from Stormwater Australia.

For more information on the SQIDEP, please visit Stormwater Australia’s website:

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