In terms of culture, what should the Gold Coast be known for?

by SiteAdmin, about 3 years ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.
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This consultation has concluded.

  • Doghouse about 7 years ago
    Surf, lifestyle, the arts, welcoming community that delivers and entertains
  • SHELLEY LYNN DANE GARROD about 7 years ago
    A place where dream come true! A little bit of 'Hollywood' mixed with the 'Garden of Eden' feel...but lets do it in a classier way. We have Location Location Location, so we need to tap into our local eccentrics and culutres for richness. I am now in the business of inspiring Entrepeneurial Creativity within the community. I call it my 'Creative Cultural R(evolution)'.........
    LEVA Creatives......happy to be on board!

    Cheers, Shelley Lynn Dane Garrod
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    • Rossco4218 about 7 years ago
      Hi guys. Yes, things exciting, original, spectacular, innovative, accessible to all and self funded. Will check out your "LEVA Creatives". Rossco4218, conceptual artist of The Icon Geyser Project.
  • vicki l about 7 years ago
    A place where COMMUNITY is placed first: a sense of belonging, sharing, supporting and nurturing residents and visitors so that all have equal value and whose ideas, dreams and visions are given validity and voice. I believe this can be achieved by firstly building a strong street culture so that communities actually recognise that they build culture, they are not lead by it. (many people here have no idea who lives in their street until they sell and hold a garage sale before leaving!) This is possibly because many move here from elsewhere, however it is the responsibilty of those there to welcome them and introduce new people to the area.
    Secondly nothing will happen until there is developing a culture which enables responsibility and empowerment matters------if I know I can have a voice, be listened to and make a differrence I am more encouraged. If i have a "no point trying" attitude I will continue to do nothing.
  • RitaFi about 7 years ago
    A relaxing and safe place to holiday in for all ages and of course our natural assets - beautiful beaches and headlands, rainforests and clean waterways. This is what people came to the Gold Coast for in the first place, not to just visit another crowded, congested city. We are losing our way and we need to get back to what we used to do better than anyone - offer friendly, fun-filled days in the sun. We also need to promote Aboriginal culture. They were the first people here and unfortunately tourists and locals do not know much at all about their culture and way of life.