Theme 1: Our culture is distinctly Gold Coast – our culture expresses our lifestyle, diversity and spectacular natural environment – it’s about us. What does this statement mean to you?

by SiteAdmin, about 3 years ago
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Also, what do you think is distinct culture on the Gold Coast that you can’t get anywhere else?

In your response, think about Gold Coast’s history, where we are now as a City and where we want to be in the future.


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This consultation has concluded.

  • GC Writer about 7 years ago
    This is almost self defining - the culture here is distinctly Gold Coast because it is on the Gold Coast. In terms of an arts culture - it's a survivor culture - it exists in spite of being ignored, it exists in spite of a cultural cringe of living in a big city that is not one to be taken seriously - it exists despite competing cultures of gambling, corruption and paying constant hommage to the gods of development - it exists in spite of a city pretending to have no past. The arts culture exists as a way of reaching out to touch others, to find sanity by poking fun at the glitter and fakery - to create real works, often inspired by the natural beauty and real connections.
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    • SecretaryFOC about 7 years ago
      I disagree. Sun, sand, sea and surf, an abundance of cafes and eating places, relaxed healthy lifestyles, good amenties and a range of affordable housing and a good mix of generations, make the GC a top place to live. The "Arts culture" has to be agile, mobile out where the people are - not in static places such as Museums and Cultural Centres.
      and big ticket events. Council should look to subsidise artists as people with ideas, and use "artist in residence" programs to put sculptors, musicians, painters, performers, out among our shopping centres, beaches, parklands and suburbs. Our light rail when it comes to pass should include a New orleans style Jazz tram providing sound and colour along the way.
  • Organic Person about 7 years ago
    I agree with GC Writer on most points.

    Culture: you need to define this please.

    Lifestyle - basically, GC started as a surfers haven, tourism escalated, a city grew and sex tourism escalated ... lifestyle has becom pretty debauched and superficial. Sex sells ... and the GC certainly is selling it.

    Diversity - is NOT expressed well. have you seen any Aborigines walking around Pac Fair? The Multicultural Communities Council Gold Coast does a great job, but attracts mostly those already open minded, or the culturally isolated/excluded. It's activities do not reach the general populace.

    Environment - there are beautiful places of natural beauty and value; and activists have to bust their proverbials to protect them from the onslaught of misguided council planning.

    What I've observed is a moral drift, actually more like a jump, in the cultural sphere on the GC; the future should be based on decisions that are not reflective but reflexive.