Theme 3: A community that values its cultural heritage – our history and heritage is important to us – we celebrate it and preserve it for future generations. What does this statement mean to you?

by SiteAdmin, about 3 years ago
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Also, how can we better value Gold Coast’s history, heritage and stories? What opportunities do you see?

In your response, think about Gold Coast’s history, where we are now as a City and where we want to be in the future.

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This consultation has concluded.

  • JohnnyMe about 7 years ago
    I don't really understand nor do I acknowledge the past cultural history of the Gold Coast, I think that most people would have this view but wouldn't like to say it aloud. Places like Sydney have a much broader connection with history and cultural heritage but the GC is alot more laid back and non-attentive to their heritage. I don't see the preservation or celebration anywhere among my main stream day to day activities so this statement is moot.
  • GC Writer about 7 years ago
    To value cultural heritage, there first needs to be community awareness of it. Only then can it be properly celebrated, and community investment in preserving it. It's especially difficult on the Gold Coast, since so much has been obliterated, disregarded and undervalued. From the time of European settlement this has been happening - over and over.
  • vicki l about 7 years ago
    I grew up in the bush, then a country city, now this city so I have lived through various cultural heritage. I am always surprised how little coastal or city dwellers know of the early, village sized settlement their ancestors lived in.
    Indigenouse history should be taught in homes, in pre-schools and on. Don't wait for government curriculum---take the initiatives. Art, music, stories and food gathering etc etc could be taught by our local aboringinal people.
    Our older developers could also show younger generations how it was in their day so that all this history is not lost and people don't re-invent the wheel. Hold community storytelling sessions when we have fairs, such as Mudgeeraba Show, the new Nerang Folk and Bluegrass Festival and other events. Swell does showcase some history but specific storytelling coul dbe incorporated in all sorts of ways. Libraries are a great venue for this.
  • gudrun about 7 years ago
    While fully acknowledging the rich history of Indigenous people and early settlers of the Gold Coast area we must appreciate that the tourist playground and some speculative development have shaped the strip along surf and sand.
    As the urban landscape is constantly and fast changing under the pressure of higher density and real estate prices there has been little attempt to preserve some the of the unique Gold Coast heritage as built for the holiday makers and new residents. For example the preservation of the old Coolangatta main street facades would have made a jewel in the string of villages along the coast instead of a boring, ugly shopping centre.

    In order to value cultural heritage and preserve for future generations GCCC needs to conserve character rich places and areas through design guidelines, density limits, height etc in its town plan.

    1. The original single storey row of shops along Thomas Drive on Chevron Island
    2. Some original motels including their signage. They could be used for artist studios (support for emerging artists) and exhibitions