Is there anything you would like to comment on about the day to day operations of a completed cultural precinct?

by SiteAdmin, about 3 years ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

In answering this question you might like think about things such as transport, security, ticketing, programming or opening hours among others.

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  • tikitroy over 9 years ago
    Damn. I've just written this twice, hit "add your comment " instead of "submit", and here I am at take three...... Okay. How about a featured artists tour? Where the artists represented in the art spaces agree to take a group around their pieces, answering questions on technique,and stories of inspiration. Budding artists would love it,the artists fans would love it , the curious would have questions answered, and the artists themselves would have direct access to public opinion of their works. It's a win win.
  • Mermaid over 9 years ago
    Programming that encourages interaction with the precinct and artists is essential. The primary focus must be on arts, entertainmnet and cultural experiences and not bricks and mortar.
  • connie over 9 years ago
    the rehearsal/multipurpose spaces should be open until late as much as possible, so that budding artists with other jobs can still utilise these spaces.
  • artsfan over 9 years ago
    Need to have places to eat/drink open longer than are currently available. Also different styles eg quick eats before a show, cheap n cheerful noisy pizza place, funky cafe/bars. One of the goals of the precinct should be to provide a place for engaging with like-minded people, a sense of community with a good VIBE, Can't achieve that if there's nothing happening!
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    • giilour over 9 years ago
      yes - need to have facilities to enable people to stay longer.
  • giilour over 9 years ago
    studios and admin space for collaborative and individual use on a membership or rental agreements.
  • Greg over 9 years ago
    I believe the Cultural centre needs to be full of activity and life and the major emphasis should be on its base function in promoting local talent in all the fine arts - music, dance, drama, graphics and design (incl. architecture). It would be great to have a local university open a school of fine arts where membes of the public could be regularly entertained by the various talented students in each of their specialties. Being easily accessible, the public would feel better connected to both students and the arts.

    the sydney dance and theatre companies are very accessible like this and it works well for the city, the students and the viability of the two companies.

    There is a risk when the administration offices of Council leave the site that it will become dead during the day. This suggestion would counter that - at many levels.