What are your needs regarding a Gold Coast Cultural Precinct and why?

by SiteAdmin, about 3 years ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

In answering this question, you might like to think about ideas such as the location of the site, the use of grounds / open spaces, sight lines, use of the Cultural Precinct buildings and how people can interact with and get to, from and around the site.

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This consultation has concluded. Information about the consultation, forum comments and related documents are retained for your reference.

  • Uber over 9 years ago
    The site chosen is isolated from other parts of the City such as Surfers Paradise and Southport. Have any discussions occurred about where the precinct should be - or is Bundall being used because Council owns the site?
    A cultural centre/precinct should be integrated into the fabric of the city - instead of being seperate. Attempts to link the Bundall site to Surfers via a green bridge and Chevron Island reinforce that fact.
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    • Dobbo over 9 years ago
      I agree with the above comment.

      The proposed location will not have the same vibrancy as other centres on the Gold Coast. It will not have a variety of people there, rather visitors will be there for one specific purpose. That purpose is to visit the cultural precinct. If the precinct was located in a CBD location such as Southport or Broadbeach, other people not connected with the arts can have incidental use of the precinct as a formal and informal meeting place.

      How will people get to and from the site? Public transport? There is one or two buses an hour that actually run down congested Bundall Road past the site. Walk across a green bridge? It is a very convoluted 1.5km route through Chevron Is. Drive? By far the easiest option...
    • noforwardthinking over 9 years ago
      we have spent millions of dollars on a rapid transit system .....we should consider[ if at all ],to have the cultural precint walking distance from a rapid transit station,,,the station should be dedicated to cultral theme with coved walkways to the main entry....the cultural centre should be linked in with the new hospital that is being bult.[walking distance with cultural theme walkways to accomadate possibly, eletric carts and wheelchares], to acommadate the needs for the well being,of ill patents.(mental health).....griffith uni students alike can use the cultal centre for their studies ,relaxation and possibly hire out someareas when not in use for the public....the gold coast council have spent millions upgrading their office area at Evandale ....only to be torn down,,,what a waste of money,,ron and the clonies love spending taxpayers money ,rates keep skyrocketing ,next thing we will read in the newspaper is the council is broke and we haveto borrow money....
  • tikitroy over 9 years ago
    I'm hoping you will keep the sculpture walk and, if anything, enlarge it. I think, greenwalk or no, there'll have to be a regular shuttle service from the Gold Coast highway. Also, how about an open mike space, where budding musicians can come, plug in and play. With the lack of such venues on the Gold Coast it turns a daunting experience for a songwriter in to an extremely daunting one. Competition, sometimes waiting an entire night and not getting to perform can make many retreat to their bedrooms.Just a space, a small P.A, and an amplifier plus someone to keep an eye on it should cost bugger all. We as Queenslanders embrace our musical successes(The Go Betweens bridge??). It's funny we don't do all that much to nurture possible musical successes.
  • Mermaid over 9 years ago
    Diversity. For me the need to ensure a consistent and diverse range of activity across all genre is vitally important.
  • Utopian over 9 years ago
    Southbank is a fantastic model for encouraging visitors to use both indoor & outdoor facilities. We should take advantage of being close to the water by having outdoor art areas, ampitheatre/stage, playground, BBQ/picnic areas, swimming area, sculpture walk, etc.

    We want the precinct to be a drawcard for residents and visitors, showing off and utilising our sunny, laidback environment and atmosphere on the waterways. Give us something other than theme parks and beaches.
  • connie over 9 years ago
    Access to the site is extremely important - particularly as many emerging artists do not have their own transport, so as has been mentioned above, public transport will need to be increased greatly!

    Also parking will need to be addressed - the gold coast is a driving city and i haven't seen any plans for parking on the site - perhaps i missed it.
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    • Louise Moriarty over 9 years ago
      Definately making it easy for emerging artists to be able to participate is essential.
    • giilour over 9 years ago
      easy access to public transport, to have people engage on a regular basis it should be walking distance. If not then the events should be worthy of making the effort to travel.
  • Glen Crawford over 9 years ago
    While I like the concept of a cultural precinct for our city, behind the industrial area in Bundall is certainly not the right place for it. To start with, there's no public transport anywhere near the Evandale complex. Next, there's nothing in the way of restaurants, cafes, anything at all in the way of food services, unless of course you're content with a lukewarm pie from the servo. The concept of a bridge is all well and good, but who's going to walk that far to get aywhere, especially dressed up for the evening? The most logical location for this sort of complex is at the southern end of the Broadwater Parklands, on the vacant land on both sides of the Gold Coast Highway. There's plenty of unused space there, with our beautiful Broadwater as a backdrop, plus the light rail station is right there, and the only 24 hour bus service on the entire Coast goes right past the site. Build a huge carpark underground, put your bridge over the highway, or tunnel underneath with a broad arcade full of light, air and maybe even a row of small takeaway shops. The added bonus of placing the cultural precinct at Southport is the fact that the beautiful, perfectly functional Evandale council chambers would no longer need to be demolished, and the Taj Mahal would not need to be built at huge cost to the ratepayers.
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    • giilour over 9 years ago
      Very good points - the location is not that favourable for a night out, locals need a precinct like this where they can have a selection of eateries and entertainment. The tourists have cavill ave, the locals should have a place as well to spend their money and not just shopping centres.
  • nasrin over 9 years ago
    We definately need an area which showcase and reflect the arts and productions of our community members. Cultural precinct is a very good idea if community members have roles in its development and if community members could use it. We have Arts Gallery which has been built by our - residence including members of local community - but the spaces are exclusive for import arts from outside the city or occassionaly only to some local artists but Not for community arts and artists. Where is their place in this city? Are we rate exampt? why should we exampt from facilities and opportunities.
  • LW8 over 9 years ago
    I like the idea of building a community of like minded individuals, but for that, they need a place to meet.

    The proposed community building would be perfect for it. There could be poetry readings, open mike, group art exhibitions, free (or minimal cost) art and craft lessons, life drawing nights, creative get togethers, theatre, all from local artists. Offer something to attract local artists and build up a solid little creative community.

    Transport is also an issue, the GCAC is seriously out of the way, especially if you live in the southern end of the Gold Coast.

    I like the idea someone else had, to have BBQ areas, and maybe nicer outdoor public toilets and showers. The pond/beach area could be improved a bit. I'm sure many would like making a day of visiting the gallery, the sculpture walk, or theatre and then having a BBQ & swim out the back. Maybe holding nice fairs a few times a year on the green areas, with food and art would help people get to know the GCAC. You have the opportunity to make it somewhere that the locals will enjoy spending time at.

    So: Make it accessible to the locals, both through better transport and events in which we can all participate!
  • mike allen over 9 years ago
    Mike Allen
    To demolish all the buildings mentioned is a disgrace. The $20 mil spent only a few years ago on the building overlooking the lake for the Pollies, etc etc. can these not be adapted to cultural use?
    The sugestions for other sites seem more practical.
    Getting rid of the horrible rusty iron sculptures spoiling the Evandale parkland & lake would be good though.
    Yes leave the council where it is & expand it elsewhere.
    Start afresh with a full on cultural Precinct elsewhere, & the existing arts facilities at Evandale, will not be wasted.
  • Greg over 9 years ago
    I do not like the masterplan for many reasons but on the issue of what it should be I firmly believe if it is truly represent our cultural heartthen it should incorporate a large education facility dedicated to the fine arts - music, art, design (including architectural design) dance and drama. This will showcase what we have and bring our creative individuals closer to the face of the public. Having youth on this site will bring activity during the day and reinforce its importance in the comunity as the youth mature into older residents. It will start to give us a pst that we lack to some extent at present.

    it should be much more than an cinema for alternate movies and a performing arts centre for other culture's artists.