Are there suggestions you would like to make to enhance the capacity of the Cultural Precinct as a space for people?

by admin, about 3 years ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

You may like to suggest ideas about ambience, dining, hanging out, playing, engaging in social activity, watching world class events and performances, arts retail, relaxing, meeting friends, sightseeing and any other possibilities.

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This consultation has concluded. Information about the consultation, forum comments and related documents are retained for your reference.

  • goldone over 9 years ago
    It is important that the precinct does not become a monument to the arts. It must be lively, accessible and interesting. Outdoor areas should allow people to interact with art and artists through impromptu performances and temporary installations. Artists across all genre should be drawn to the precinct and to do this it requires an operational culture that recognises and supports the notion that art is about artists and not buildings. The opportunity to interact with art and artists will bring people and create a truely vibrant cultural precinct.
  • Pinnacle over 9 years ago
    The Bundall precinct is one of the largest commercial office hubs on the Gold Coast yet its retail & service retail amentity in comparsion to Southport, Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach & Robina/Varsity Lakes is almost negligible and the precinct struggles to attract tenants because of this. Whilst Council have implemented the Park & Ride it makes it difficult for people to consistently use this initiative if they have errands to run during the day which inevitably requires the use of a vehicle. This masterplan presents a great opportunity for Council to create a precinct that can be used by all including the significant captured audience of office workers in the area.
  • Terri over 9 years ago
    After viewing plans, i wonder if it is possible to add 2 pedestrian bridges crossing the canal to lead to the cultural precinct? There would be no need for extra traffic/carpark infrastructure yet it has the potential to increase patronage...add a pushbike lane to the bridge and a pushbike park... oportunity for more local people to frequent the amenities on their 'doorstep'.
  • tikitroy over 9 years ago
    A shuttle service from the Gold coast highway.Bike way or no, it'd be a long haul in a wheelchair....
  • Mermaid over 9 years ago
    I agree with Goldone and suggest the success or other of the precinct will be determined by the innovative use of all spaces on a regular basis and the attraction it has for artists and their interaction with the community. The space must have spark! If it simply acts as a venue for hire it will not succeed.
  • connie over 9 years ago
    i agree with what others have said - we have a real opportunity to turn the precinct into a lively and exciting place for artists and the community to interact. allowing street theatre performers to work there would be one way (perhaps mainly on weekends and during school holidays) in the way that southbank and circular quay have done is one way to achieve this. i also agree that having a few retail and dining choices would be a great way to capture the surrounding office audience and perhaps get them more involved .
    free workshops and performances will obviously add to this as well :D
  • santa over 9 years ago
    Administration Offices and Council Chambers right in the Prime Waterfront position - this area should be for cafes/restaurants/shops
  • outside observer over 9 years ago
    Considering the redevelopment as a long-term, staged series of enhancements to the site, rather than as a built complex.

    Separating the core buildings (which are in any case not functionally very integrated in the current proposal), and spreading both them and a range of further, small-scale structures and landscaping features out across the site as nodes along connecting pathways from the site’s urban address on Bundall Road through to the lake and along both canal frontages, to encourage pedestrian movement through the site and activate more areas of the park, and to encourage public engagement with the water frontage at a variety of levels (above and within the flood plain).

    The street stub on Stanhill Drive at Anembo Street, across the canal to the north, would seem to present a good opportunity to connect a pedestrian bridge, then linking further via the commercial area on Thomas Drive to the central pedestrian area around Cavill Ave - a total of less than 15 minutes walk. Given the potential of such a connection, and/or a more elaborate pedestrian link to the centre via a longer causeway due west along the canal (eg to Wahroonga Place) the entire masterplan and its spatial orientation needs to be considered first in terms of wider urban circulation, before buildings can be located and their most important frontages determined

    Careful distribution of the key facilities, retail concessions, and also non-commercial amenities (eg indoor and outdoor amenities for long- or short-term use by social and cultural groups) across the site to enhance the use, maintenance, safety of the whole outdoor landscape. This could be masterplanned in a long term but flexible way, and implemented incrementally following guidelines.

    Developing a series of open spaces with distinct landscape character and distinct use potentials for different social groups, somewhat independently of the building programme. Such spaces could ultimately be coordinated with particular parts of the building programme but should not be dependent upon them, as the events terrace appears to be.

    Restricting most carparking to 1. small areas near Bundall Road, 2. landscape-screened areas near Crombie Ave, and 3. in basement levels to raise the building above the floodplain, as in the current proposal. Perhaps also small short-term parking areas close to particular activity areas, provided these only require short amounts of additional access road.
  • giilour over 9 years ago
    a formal or informal tertiary education institue of some sort (arts, music, dancing, cooking etc) some kind of classes, it needs an additional anchor for people to visit on a day to day basis.
  • PinkynPerky over 9 years ago
    • As well as address the precinct towards the skyline of Surfers the site also needs to address Bundall Road and consider the streetscape along this site boundary.
    - The masterplan has the opportunity to address the Bundall commercial district and provide a catalyst for further growth by the provision of complimentary facilities and activity to the area.
    - A development along this side of the site will add to the significant local workforce who can be encouraged to use the site and can provide additional facilities to the local population. This will create an interface between local community and the Cultural Precinct. (Thinking of Grey Street Brisbane here).
    - The strip of land adjacent to Bundall Road should be used to complete the streetscape of Bundall Road and address also the parkscape of the Evandale site with a mixed use development. The East elevation facing the parkland gives the opportunity to create an active interface with both the new precinct and the Surfers skyline as a backdrop.
    - The creation of a Bundall Road mixed use development can generate funds for enhancement of the Evandale project.
    - Office parking for this development (if it can be managed suitably) can provide additional parking for evenings and weekends due the diversity of uses and timings between offices and the Cultural Precinct.
    - The parkland adjacent to this development can be used for weekend markets and commercial outlets taking advantage of the location / public traffic and complete the use of the whole land by providing an activated circulation along the West boundary of the site.
    - A Bundall Road boulevard development will create a gateway to the Cultural Precinct and define the site. At present the site entry is weak and doesn’t appear to have been addressed in the masterplan or brief.
    - The Bundall Road development can be used to define this ‘Cultural Island’ ….not as literal as the design competition winner. But a Cultural Island none the less.
  • Lucy Ross over 9 years ago
    A Ground floor gallery needed - will provide a flow from outside to inside.
    Activation of overall site needed as well as when it comes to that phase - iconic timeless and uniquely Gold Coast flavour for the design. We only need to look back to the 50s and 60s to get some inspiration.
    Aware of the flood areas but the area facing Bundall Road needs an alfresco dining cafe or something similar. Would be great on the side facing river. Imagine people marry in the cute little chapel then walk via a cool designed walkway link to the cafe for the reception.
    Easy access to all areas of Precinct required.
    Covered areas required due to our heat but also our rain. It would make the site so easy to vist at any time and in any weather.
    Prams, wheelchairs, older people and persons with ambulatory problems need to be considered.
    Design could also face outwardly rather than an inward focus. Maybe the amphitheatre could face Bundall Road??? Just think there may be some opposition to noise if it faces across the water for outdoor performances.
    The Pink Poodle Cafe! - this is where the sign can be installed along with some other retro Gold Coast signs the GCCC are minding.
    Bring it on!
  • ShaneMcMaster over 9 years ago
    The Gold Coast is one of the largest city regions in Australia yet we lack any decent form of museum, botanical gardens, art gallery or science and technology centre.
    The new cultural precinct will need to make some effort to address this issues, not only with infrastructure but with facilities and programs. The Discovery centre will be fantastic and with science shows run by science communicators (the likes of which are on the rise on the Gold Coast), it will provide a significant boost to education on the Gold Coast. Schools can take groups there for exciting educational experiences and parents can go there for an interesting outing on the school holidays.

    Environmental awareness also seems to be lacking in the plan for the new precinct. Simple measures such as water monitoring access point, a small array of solar panels or a renewable food garden would go a long way to educate the masses on environmental issues.
  • Greg over 9 years ago
    It is important the cultural centre remains a cente of activity and this will be even more important when the council's administrative function relocates to wherever. The Cultural centre should be a cultural campus for cultural development and contain all facets of the fine arts in all their facets - learning, developemnt, performance, display, storage and research. Each of the arts should be represented in their own buildings to allow for expansion over time and intimate connection to the outdoors.

    This campus of activity would be enhaced by quality indoor and outdoor commercial ativities related to the arts - entertainment, dining, relaxation, study and research. It would be great to think it would be actively supported by our local universities and that we could have our own conservatorium for music, dance and drama. A school of fine arts including cooking would be good.

    A museum, library, art and sculpture gallery and of course a centre of surfing and beach history would be essential.

    The centre should be attractive and not look like a few boxes in a carpark - it should be an inspiration in itself.