The Wild Macadamia Hunt

almost 2 years ago

Healthy Land & Water recently launched "The Wild Macadamia Hunt" and are encouraging Land for Wildlife members to participate in the project by telling them about old macadamia trees you have on your property.

Macadamias are common in cultivation, but these populations are often hybridised and lack genetic diversity. Wild macadamia populations are under threat and it's important we learn more about them.

So how can you help? Join the hunt! Find a wild macadamia tree and tell Healthy Land & Water about it.

If it turns out that you've got significant wild macadamia trees on your property we'd like to know about it too! These kinds of records are crucial for us to better understand and help protect the biodiversity of the Gold Coast. Our Gold Coast flora and fauna website provides a valuable resource for residents, students, developers, landholders and conservation groups and those researching the Gold Coast's plants and animals.

Photo: Glenn Leiper
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