Key strategic themes of the Draft City Plan 2015

by SkyeR, over 5 years ago
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There are six strategic themes that form the framework of the Draft City Plan 2015:

  1. Creating liveable places
  2. Improving transport outcomes
  3. Making modern centres
  4. Strengthening and diversifying the economy
  5. Living with nature; and
  6. A safe, well designed city.

    Which of the six themes above is the most important to you and why?

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    • Luscombe1 almost 6 years ago
      1.Creating Liveable places
      2.Living with Nature

      1. How will we live as we have previously with the new zones and Rural Environmental Precinct which is greater than any pre-existing convenant or agreements?

      2. How does the Extractive Resource industry Live with Nature? We currently have Koala being rehomed to designated Gold Coast City Council Open Space that is right beside machinery and blasting of Extractive resources either side of it.

      1. In Rural areas of the Gold Coast Council, could council provide some more community consultation days to please explain the implications of the Draft City Plan 2015?

      1. and 2. - Any other Rural landholders in the Gold Coast Area confused about what the overlays on their land actually means and the possible implications to their current lifestyle?

      1. and 2. - Any other Rural landholders or Rural residential landholders having their land used as a separation area for extractive resources?

      Lucky we didn't find out too late to have a say, please pass the word around only days to fill out an online submission.
    • pauladkinson about 6 years ago
      I want to strongly advocate for build-to-lot line controls in zones permitting commercial uses (at ground level and up to at least 4 storeys for front and side boundaries, where height restrictions allow).

      1. Making walkable and urban cities relies on streets to be human scale. This means being able to see what's in a shop window across the street, so that pedestrians can window-shop effectively.
      2. It may make smaller lots more viable to redevelop by increasing available building footprint, for example in the northern district of Southport.
      3. Parking can be relocated to the rear of sites. This would remove the need for additional parking in front of shops, immediately changing the street to a pedestrian friendly environment rather than vehicle dominated environment.
      4. Existing high streets, where they do exist, can maintain their building pattern - for example in hinterland towns, shop fronts are normally built to front boundary, with awnings over footpaths. Forcing front and side setbacks destroys the high street and typically results in parking within the front setback - creating vehicle dominated streets.
      5. Street enclosure can be maintained where appropriate: Side setbacks are useful to maintain residential amenity but destroy high street continuity. Build to line allows for a continuous high street built outcomes to remain feasible.
      6. The Gold Coast is vehicle dependent because it has too much space. Vehicle dependence is closely linked to street widths and lot sizes. Where these are smaller, a pedestrian friendly environment can develop. Where built form is forced to spread apart, walking distances become too great and vehicle dependence becomes inevitable.
      7. Maximise the usefulness of public transport and the new GCLR. Pedestrian friendly environments will attract greater public transport patronage. See reasons in point 6. Thanks for reading.
    • Pop Cap about 6 years ago
      When are you going to update the date to reflect the closing date is now 20 August as per the Community Newsletter sent out in the rates notice?
    • warkem about 6 years ago
      The neighborhood centre plan is fantastic but needs to go further than just Nobby's. Miami and Burleigh need to be included in this including the extension of the light rail.

      The other glaring omission in the plan is a completed Oceanway in its entirety. Garfield tce, Northcliff tce, and Old Burleigh rd sections in Broadbeach/Surfers, the Hedges and Albatross Ave section deathtrap in Mermaid and the completion of the Tugun to Bilinga section has to be a priority for the council. Just looking at how much the sections that are there are used everyday the decision to complete this essential piece of infrastructure should be a no brainer! Would be a huge drawcard to the coast and serve thousands of gold coast residents daily. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few (wealthy beachfront owners), sell it by using the Oceanway as a solution to the erosion problem and protecting their homes.
    • tony about 6 years ago
      stop stop stop wasting rate payers money reduce rates stop spending for awhile (ease some financial pain) , have some long term foresight,,,, discraceful disconnex, desal plant, light fail, con man games (only good thing new pool) chinese town (really is there one chinese shop in southport?) $600000 for gates if you've sold out to the chinese make them pay for it, lack of parking, council shambers upgrade (really do we need it and spoil what we already have) , CST one boat a month (surely an international airport would see more people flying into the GC a second airport?),reduction in parks, loss of parklands, athletes village (surely hotels would be cheaper) , fix the mess you've made in surfers, traffic chaos have some inclination of what will happen to tourism people won't drive here traffic gridlock why stay in surfers when you have to pay for parking or cabs or a train to the hospital. what happens to seaworld drive peak tourist season at 5pm when seaworld closes? really community engagement team.......There are six strategic themes that form the framework of the Draft City Plan 2015:

      1.Creating liveable places
      2.Improving transport outcomes
      3.Making modern centres
      4.Strengthening and diversifying the economy
      5.Living with nature; and
      6.A safe, well designed city
      a bit late ????? born here lived here all my life the nice tourist town has turned into an ugly duckling
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      • Freedhim about 6 years ago
        Couldn't agree more Tony, this city has been screwed. An over regulated concrete jungle that is becoming more unlivable by the day. After sticking a bloody light rail up the middle of our already congested roads, they are now breaking their necks to destroy the only natural undeveloped area left on the Coast; The Spit ,Wavebreak and Broadwater. There is more to life than 'Economic prosperity'!