How do I register for the discussion forum?

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    Why do I need to register for the discussion forum?

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    What is the Statement of Proposal?

    The Statement of Proposal is a discussion document that outlines how the Gold Coast Planning Scheme proposes to respond to the Bold Future Vision for the Gold Coast. Developing the Bold Future Vision was an extensive community engagement initiative to create a blueprint for the future of the city. The new planning scheme is a key component of our Bold Future Vision as it relates to land-use planning and development.

    Feedback on this document will be used to shape the strategic direction of the new planning scheme.

    What is the Gold Coast City Council Planning Scheme?

    The Planning Scheme guides the growth and development of the Gold Coast. It is an important tool that assists Council to ensure that the growth of the Gold Coast is intentional and meets the expectations of the community and industry.

    How does the planning scheme work?

    The planning scheme determines how and where development can occur on the Gold Coast. This includes identifying which natural areas should be protected, where shops, new residential estates and houses should be located, as well as changes to the usage of land including sub-divisions or the development of new businesses or industrial estates. 

    How will the new planning scheme affect me?

    The planning scheme has the potential to affect all Gold Coast City residents. This normally happens when residents either lodge a development proposal or a development proposal is advertised in their vicinity. Council encourages residents to have their say now about the Statement of Proposal for the new planning scheme. By doing so, residents can ensure that the long-term development of the Gold Coast aligns with their expectations.

    Is Council required to have a planning scheme?

    Yes. Every Council in Queensland must have a Planning Scheme.  It is a statutory mechanism - under the Queensland Statutory Instruments Act 1992 - and has the force of law.

    Why is Council updating its current planning scheme?

    Council is required to update its planning scheme every 10 years. On this occasion, the development of a new planning scheme is also a priority for Council's Bold Future Vision.

    Can I have a say in the development of the new planning scheme?

    Yes. In fact, Council strongly encourages all residents to have a say. The planning scheme affects all of us, so it's important that it reflects residents' expectations.

    What is an online discussion forum?

    This is an opportunity to get involved in an online and ongoing discussion around each of the Bold Future Themes in the Statement of Proposal.

    Think about each of the themes and the questions they raise.  Talk to us or other residents about your ideas by leaving a comment.


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