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Bold Vision Theme: A city leading by example

by City Plan 2015, almost 10 years ago

Working towards Bold Future headline target: By 2040, we are recognised as a city of inspired leaders and engaged communities.

QUESTION: How will we lead and engage with the community in addressing key issues and shaping the new planning system?


Proposed new planning scheme directions:

  • Planning scheme drafting and administration
  • Climate change

You might like to consider and contribute ideas about this theme.

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This consultation has concluded. Information about the consultation, forum comments and related documents are retained for your reference.

  • over 9 years ago
    It's good to see an effort being made to let us have some input but I only found this site by chance and suspect that council isnt really listening or trying to tell people about it.
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    • City Plan 2015 over 9 years ago
      Hi Wilma,Thank you for your comments regarding the Statement of Proposal for the new planning scheme. We appreciate your feedback regarding the future of our city.The Council advertised the release of the Statement of Proposal in the two main local newspapers, on four radio stations, three websites and various Divisional Newsletters. Advertising will continue at intervals until the public consultation period has closed - the next round is due to commence within the coming weeks.To date, more than 1500 copies of the Statement of Proposal have been collected by residents from Council Administration Centres, Libraries and Branch Offices, and a further 170 have been downloaded from this website.To help get the word out, we encourage you to talk to your neighbours, friends and colleagues and recommend they make a submission.This Bold Future Planning Scheme website is visited by Council officers regularly throughout the day, and once the consultation period has closed, all feedback will be collated for inclusion in a report to be published in February 2011.Again, thank you for your contributions to this discussion. Vanessa - Gold Coast City Council Officer
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    • Ron the Wrecker over 9 years ago
      Wilma,With all due respect the GCCC have gone above and beyond in promoting this thing. I can not fault them on their approach to gaining widespread publicity of the Statement and for the public to hav access to it and read it and make comments. What is surprising is the lack of public input so far. We are a lazy bunch of sloths here on the Coast and I would expect that there will be few people submitting. I also expect that the Buletin will go on a "useles Council" crusade as to how ineffective they percieved the consultation was. It (the Bulletin) always was and always will be a nothing more than a waste of good paper.Without a doubt there will be an outcry that the GCCC did not ask the public and did not listen. If we, the GOLD COAST do not say anything, what are they, the GCCC, going to listen too ?Spread the word Wilma. Get your friends and family to put their thoughts down. I sent the link to lots of people who I thought would be interested, including interstate and overseas. The Gold Coast has a national and international identity and an obligation to undertake good planning that even non residents have a stake in.
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