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Bold Vision Theme: A city with a thriving economy

by City Plan 2015, almost 10 years ago

Working towards Bold Future headline target: By 2040, we are the employment destination of choice with the most diverse and rewarding local employment opportunities.

QUESTION: How will we manage development to ensure a wide variety of employment and business opportunities with a focus on education, research and development, to suport aspirations and quality of life?


Proposed new planning scheme directions:

  • Diverse economy
  • Infrastructure that supports globally competitive business development and growth
  • Tourist economy
  • Food production
  • Natural resources
  • Corridors and buffers

You might like to consider and contribute ideas about this theme.

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This consultation has concluded. Information about the consultation, forum comments and related documents are retained for your reference.

  • over 9 years ago
    We need to go beyond reliance on tourism. As a region we have a world class lifestyle. Its time to start to target creative and knowledge based industries. To do this we need to build on our cultural and educational assets to attract people with the right skills. These people will be attracted by the lifestyle we offer but also need a rich cultural life. We have to compete with Brisbane on this. What we dont need is trashy out of town retail centres and low cost tourism. New Tourism facilities should be minimum 4 star, these will ensure that the quality of visitors increases, their spending increases and the reputation of the Gold Coast goes up market.
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  • Ron the Wrecker over 9 years ago
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  • Ron the Wrecker over 9 years ago
    The ONE slightly rude word has now been deleted.Take the blinkers off people !We are defecating in our own home.We cannot continue to kid ourselves that economic growth is the answer to all our woes. There is a dire need to put the brakes on economic growth for the sake of all our futures and the health of our home, the EARTH. For far too long economics have ruled our thinking. The Statement currently being discussed is no different. Forget 'sustainable economic growth', lets just focus on 'sustainable'. We must reduce our impact on the Earth now, we must change our ways, dramaticaly, immeadiately, and permantly.Make the roads narrower, reclaim parking lots and road reserve for openspace, permaculture, cycle ways, pathways. Get our lazy backsides out of the cars. We will not change our filthy habits on our own, we need to be forced to do it. Grow some figs Council, take a hard line, be innovative, not just more of the same. You are missing a golden opportunity here. A planning scheme is not about economics, it is about QUALITY OF LIFE of which economics is but one very minor part.The Statement has no teeth, no back bone, no vision, but it does have lots of FLUFF, nothing new, just the same direction carefully crafted by the same senior staff, towing the same political/corporate line. If the Statement is so lacking what hope has the planning scheme got !! "
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    • Sonterbuilt over 9 years ago
      Higher density around main employment hubs is the answer. Minimize the time it takes people to get to work and minimize the amount of traffic on the roads. Reduce the amont of urban spraw and maximise density in around the CBD. Save the agricultural land and reduce the subdivision of greenfeild sites (farms). Make the city walkable.
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