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Bold Vision Theme: A city loved for its green, gold and blue

by City Plan 2015, almost 10 years ago

Working towards Bold Future headline target: By 2040, native vegetation covers a higher proportion of our city than any other major city in Australia.

QUESTION: How will we manage development in such a way that protects and enhances the city's natural environment, open spaces, beaches and waterways?


Proposed new planning scheme directions:

  • Parks and open green spaces
  • Biodiversity and wildlife corridors
  • Water and waterways
  • Beaches and coastline
  • Waste
  • Landscape character and scenic amenity

You might like to consider and contribute ideas about this theme.

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This consultation has concluded. Information about the consultation, forum comments and related documents are retained for your reference.

  • Ron the Wrecker over 9 years ago
    Without serious commitment from Clark and the other benchwarmers what can the GCCC really do and achieve in this theme area ? The Statement can do nothing, and the planning scheme can only do very minor things as it is a document dependent on NEW applications and therefore NEW development. The planning scheme is not a cure all for past sins. It can not be used to retro correct the massive blunders of past Councils and State governments.Based on the lovey dovey, mothering, comfort food statements contained in the document on these matters I suspect that the planning scheme will have nothing new or innovative to add as that would require political will to implement and that is just too hard for Clark and Co. "Full ahead both, damn the torpedoes" is what is required in relation to the environment.
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