What is an investigation area?

    In planning for long-term sustainable growth, we are looking at opportunities across the Gold Coast to better utilise land close to existing services and employment.

    Seventeen investigation areas were originally identified across the Gold Coast, each with different opportunities to support growth.

    Opportunities include a range of things such as access to transportation, proximity to employment, existing water infrastructure and open space for future public parks and amenities.

    Investigation areas are just one way that we are planning for the future of our city and including the community in the process.

    Why is the City undertaking Investigation Area Studies?

    By undertaking the Oxenford Investigation Area Study, we are better equipped to:

    • improve how we support and manage growth
    • involve residents and property owners in the planning process
    • create opportunities for residents to live in a diverse mix of housing types
    • effectively plan for upgrades of services (including stormwater, wastewater and roads) in the most cost effective manner 
    • plan for new and/or improved community amenities where we are planning for growth (for example, landscaping, parks, sporting facilities and pathways)
    • accurately forecast and plan for Council expenditure to support future growth
    • share potential future plans to give residence improved visibility of the planning process and enable community feedback to be considered.

    Under the South East Queensland Regional Plan (ShapingSEQ 2017), the Queensland Government has established population growth targets for the Gold Coast. Investigation area studies are one way that we’re identifying areas that can support future growth.